Valuable directions

1. The true nature of man

We believe that man's primal identity is divine, that each person can experience this truth, regardless of religion, culture, origin, age and sex.basic human valu


2. Unselfish help

To help unselfishly discovers the true nature of our being, developing unconditional love, giving various forms to our life, enlightening our reality. Join us! If we surrender  to God in our mutual activities, giving our results to the Supreme spring, the reward is to follow by itself.


3. Promotions of human values

Love is invisible tie keeping together basic human values: Truth, Right conduct, Peace and Nonviolence. We want to promote these values by unselfish support, by goodness and cooperation.


4.  Support to spiritual discipline

The space of our Trust will always be available to the spiritual discipline and practice which strenghtens man's inner way of understanding.


5.  Building up of social and eco projects

By human, social and eco approach we are inspiring projects and programs for benefit of all participants, community and society.


6.  Education (educare) for life

Education without character, science without humanity, commerce without moral and politics without principle are useless and even very dangerous. It is well known that there are lots of knowledge, discipline and practice bringing spiritual values into the worldly scene of life. The end of education is character which has to twinkle full of truth, rightness and feelings for others.


7.  Contribution to the unity of religions, tradition and culture

Unity in diversity is the only way to community in which every superiority loses its shape of existence.