Ananda Trust

Ananda Trust was founded in May 2016 as a non-profit organisation with the purpose to inspire and develop human values of truth, rightness, peace, love and nonviolence of humanity, philantropy and volunteering.

The Trust was founded inspired by spiritual teacher and avatār of our time, Bhagavān Sri Sathya Sai Baba in subtle body during His visit to Croatia on 24th April, 2015.

The Trust is representing no religion, group or sect. Its activity is not founded on hierarchy but on unity of devotees following good unselfish deeds, personal growth and transformation of all actors.

Bhagavān himself named the persons to work in the name of Trust, to direct Trust as well as all the members of Trust management.

Bhagavān's message: „Love all, serve all“ is inviting all participants to live in full awareness of God, to be unselfish, responsible in approaching life, directing unity of man which is the reason of everything existing.