The Trust’s Vision, Mission and Goals


The world of high ethical and eco awareness in which  people unselfishly help one  another .



Contributing  to all by giving examples. Without any discrimination, in unity with good people to build a community founded on humanism and holism, education (educare), social programs and on the most suitable technologies supporting the harmony of human, natural and cultural values.


  • To ensure natural landscape and conditions for constructing of spiritual and educational centre – āśram, by programs giving benefit to society, the centre where, in a friendly way, all religions are efficient, young and old, healthy and weak people – expressing love primarily by action and then by words.
  • To promote exchanging of ideas, knowledge and practice, adding thus to peace, health, tolerance and harmony of life as well as to develop unselfishness and emotion for others.
  • To join values of different religions under the common name of love and understanding.