Social responsibility

When our life is based on Social Responsibility, we significantly contribute towards its values, while we support its purpose and mission by cooperating and being ethical. 

Living a socially responsible life implies community living in the spirit of Unity in Diversity, with emphasis on redirecting the consciousness from mind to heart, from corporate to human capital, from partial to holistic approach.

Through the Holistic Sustainability we are the creators of a healthy and harmonious living space, integrating cost-effective technologies and providing satisfactory solutions. By doing so, we create more sustainable environments and architecture that will help improve the quality of life.

The Social responsibility means having self-sufficiency in energy, zero waste, no emissions, harmony with nature as the objective, helping others to help themselves.

Every social activity is to be done in the spirit of partnership.

If we live our lives practising the values we are talking about, by becoming the examples of the changes we want to see, our lives will become a shifting mind-set from selfish to selfless.

With focus on Service to Humanity and to Mother Nature, we are to become the community with values at Heart Studying Nature, as well as  with the sustaining cultural and social ones,  thinking of others and the whole as part of Oneself.