His mission continues...

After 85 years of life on Earth Sathya Sai Baba decided to leave His mortal body on 24th April 2011. But His temporal mission has not stopped. Untill the physical appearance of the following avatār Prema Sai, Bhagavān Sathya Sai Baba realizes His continuous presence as well as resumption of His mission in His subtle body, quickening the process of transforming the world into planet of Love, unselfish understanding, mutual help and unity. Svami has stressed this in the following explanation:

In this world, everybody has four types of body. Those are: sthülašarïra- physical body; sükšmašarïra- light body; ahtisükšmašarïra- higher subtle body and parasükšmašarïra- omnipresent subtle body, sthülašarïra is a physical body visible to everybody”

“Now I am not in the physical body but in sükšmašarïra (light body) which is above the physical one. In the light body I can move around the world and I do not require time for that. When I am in the body called ahtisükšmašarïra (higher subtle body) I enter dreams and meditations. In parasükšmašarïra (omnipresent subtle body) I am present in every atom of existence”.