Dharmic and eco agriculture

Let your food be your medicine
Let your medicine be your food.

Dharmic ecological agriculture is the way of co-existence with nature, it is the constant listening of its rhythms and the cooperation with all living beings on all levels in the lap of Mother Earth.

This way of manufacture  stimulates biodiversity which ensures balance in the environment as well as creates microclimate environment in the soil, water and air, stimulating and supporting the growth and development of plants and animals with its positive energy, in all mentioned places of their stay.

Following the principle that nature is getting back what is natural, everything we have taken from nature needs to be given back in some organic form to help it renew as quickly as possible. In the same way nature will grant us healthy fruits thus helping us to have healthy body which is the temple of our soul and  vehicle for its celestial flight.

Awakening our consciousness we become aware of vibrations that we put in our body in the form of food. This is very important because as told by ancient Indian wise men, ṛši, you are what you eat. 

Food produced with full awareness of divine principle and according to the principles of ecological agriculture, in harmony with all new scientific ideas, will give us possibilities to provide food of high frequencies, raising soul and body to higher levels of consciousness. This new scientific ideas give us possibilities for spiritual development which becomes quicker and quicker. While connecting us to primordial rhythms of nature and Mother Earth they are leading us to the Golden Age, without stopping.

*dharma - sanskṛt word meaning inner principle reflexing the world, the law of all possibilities, activities and relationships, moral code, man's duty, right conduct and action

* sāttvika – the word is used for food which is neither too salted nor too sweet, too bitter or too sour