Approach to architectual and landscape forming

The basic premise of forming the settlement is listening to the voice of Universe, to the voice of God Creator.  To feel and follow His high guidance by putting at His divine Feet, at His divine person everything realised, every vision, every atmosphere.

Each task is energy full of harmony, full of materialized forms long ago originated in Spirit, waiting for a long time to be discovered and known.

How to descend to material level?

To observe and feel the divine creation, to harmonize with its various forms is the task  given to us by God. This  has begun to realize itself in spatial planning and formation.

We have to respect Mother Earth telling us where to build houses, paths, parks, orchards, flower gardens, fertile fields, Mother Earth telling us where there are water springs, brooks, where to build water – mills … Mother Earth is sending us message on  how to make best use of geothermal energy, the energy of wind and Sun, how to use natural primordial materials, how to be in union with the good spirit of the place, how to form buildings so that they spread joy, connecting themselves  with their vibrations to Spirit.

The settlement of happiness and harmony, peace and self-realisation are not only 'green' buildings, lawns, orchards, wheat fields…There will be many of those. But to establish such a settlement we have to go follow His tracks, putting our feet, like a little child, in the imprints of His Feet because it is the only way to be close to Him, to be the true instruments of His mission.

Because this settlement is given to us by Him to live life worthy of the man who will each day repeat for hundreds of times,: „I am God, I am God, I am God…“